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Trumpeter Igino Conforzi has spent the last twenty years studyng historically correct performance practices and perfecting his skills on the Baroque trumpet. Tra Sacro e Profano is an admirable illustration of his success on all counts […] This audiophile recording presents the stunning sound of Igino Conforzi […] Conforzi displays solid range, brillant tone, inventive articulation, and overall fine musicianship.


Die Virtuosität von Igino Conforzi auf seinen Naturtrompeten ist atemberaubend. […] Igino Conforzi hat es verdient, zugehört zu werden.


Igino Conforzi manipule les trompettes naturelles avec un art inoui et une maîtrise parfaite. […] Igino Conforzi fait preuve d’une maîtrise proprement étonnante des nuances […] ou des “affetti ornementaux”[…]. 10 de Répertoire!


Igino Conforzi abord ces pièces avec vaillance et inventivité […] il s’donne à une ornementation foisonnante du meilleur goût […] introduisant avec succès des figures ornementales héritées de la pratique vocale de cette époque. […] Un enregistrement souvent amusant, parfois impressionnant, toujours séduisant.


Conforzi possesses an outstanding technique, but it is his inventive way of presenting Fantini’s music that makes this recording particularly noteworthy. […] The solo sonatas are played beautifully, and again Conforzi adds an imaginative touch. […] Igino Conforzi deserves much praise for this recording. […] Igino Conforzi has taken a step in helping us further understand this important aspect of our early brass tradition.


It is difficult to imagine a better introduction to trumpet playing in the Renaissance and Baroque than this CD by Italian trumpeter Igino Conforzi. […] the recording and documentation are a model of scholary recorded performance. The recording is sonically excellent and should be in every university library and in the collection of serius students of early brass performance.


Igino Conforzi and Tibicines rely largely on a fertile imagination to comprehend what these really sounded like beyond the skeleton of the score. The results are fascinating and explore a vivid improvisatory style […] The Sonata is mesmerising in its glittering mosaic of visceral grandeur and gamey tuning […] There’s enough range in key and textural character to sustain interest throughout because the happy combination of historical materials, musical imagination and adrenalin transports the listner into inventive and novel territory.


Igino Conforzi è uno dei migliori solisti internazionali di tromba naturale e qui lo dimostra: la sua interpretazione abbina virtuosismo strumentale e gran gusto musicale.


This collection of baroque battle music for trumpet consort is as illuminative as it is enjoyable.The ensemble Tibicines under it’s leader Igino Conforzi is experianced and versatile.


Kulturradio The ensemble Tibicines gives sparkeling history lessons to the ears.


Graz Ein klangtechnisch überwältigendes musikalisches Feuerwerks. […] This fantastic sound is comparable to overwhelming musical fireworks.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this recording: the programme is well-chosen, the pieces for a band of clarino trumpets are very intriguing and fascinating, and give a very good idea of the development of the art of clarino playing. Many live performances and recordings show how difficult it is for today’s performers to come up to the same level as their 17th-century counterparts. Therefore I am very impressed by the performances here. I would like to know, however, whether any technical adaptations have been made in order to improve the stability of intonation, which is quite impressive.


“Battalia!” is a terrific SACD. performed by the ensemble Tibicines directed by Igino Conforzi. He also plays various trumpets It’s a delight to listen to, replete with battle fanfares and musical depiction of scenes of warfare. The final track is a five-minute “real baroque battle in surround sound” which is an audiophile’s delight.


Y Tibicines […] desde el primer momento hasta el último, en una interpretación meritoria, cuyo principal objetivo es dar a conocer uno de los repertorios más desconocidos por los aficionados a la música. En ese sentido, acierta en el blanco, nunca mejor dicho.


Under the guiding hands of Igino Conforzi, this group has recorded an entire album of such pieces and given it a spectacular twist […] Playing should be of the highest quality – Igino Conforzi is recognised as a great trumpet sololist (with numerous recordings for major record companies), as well as an important music researcher in the field of early trumpet and performance pratices. Tibicines, meanwhile, is his child for rediscovering the music of the 16th and 17th Century and has already made a name for itself. It offers a nice contrast, too: After listening to this, you’ll find your Christmas dinner even more peaceful and relaxing.


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