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The main activity of is to study the specific sources of the Renaissance and Baroque performance practice of such instruments, and to re-examine the musical material of the age, aiming for a sonorous result intended to draw us closer, as much as possible, to that world. After a long work of analysis and reconstruction of the material, TIBICINES has responded to the famous and documented union between “pifferi” and “trombetti”, bringing about the group’s uniqueness in its kind. The first sonorous success was recorded on a CD (1992) dedicated to the music of Girolamo Fantini. Subsequently TIBICINES brings to light this unexplored repertoire of the civic and city consort with the release of the SACD «Battalia».

TIBICINES with «Heroic Art of Trumpets and Timpani» proposes once again a first recording historic and matchless in its kind. Here are used copies of Michael Nagel (1656 and 1657), Hanns Heinlein (1632), Michael Heinlein (1628), Isaac Ehe (1616), Johann Leonhard Ehe II (1690), assembled by Rainer Egger, Graham Nicholson, Edwald Mainl, and original timpani from the XVII/XVIII centuries of anonymous Czech origin (collection Philip Tarr).


      Battalia! Baroque Battle Music for Trumpet Consort TIBICINES ensemble Igino Conforzi, trumpets and conductor [SACD Arts 47666-8] The copious amount of documents which describe the ensembles… Leggi tutto »Battalia!

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